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The Holidays May be Over but Remember to Thank Your Donors!

These last few months have been busy for everyone, and you may still find that you have a never-ending to-do list. However, thanking your donors should be one of the most important tasks you have to do now.

Making sure you thank your donors is a cornerstone of good donor stewardship and donor stewardship creates long-lasting relationships that are essentially a not-for-profit’s bread and butter.

Also, thanking your donors is more than just good manners, when done well it encourages your donors to remain involved in your organization. When you nurture this relationship, you can foster a sense of inclusion and loyalty, inspiring more frequent and generous donations for years to come.

The following are a few of my favourite ways to send a thank you:

Send a Handwritten Letter – In our digital world, there is just something special about receiving a handwritten letter. These notes will stand out in the mailbox and grab the attention of your supporters. Anyone in your organization can send these notes, but to create an impact you can include the beneficiaries. People love to hear exactly how their donations have helped.

Highlight Donors on Social Media – Ask your donor permission and if they agree, include them in a special “Donor Spotlight” on your social media. You can request a photo and testimonial for this and in your spotlight be sure to share why you value this donor and the relationship that they have with your organization. You can even include a dedicated spot on your website where you highlight the donors and volunteers that support your work.

Send a Quick Thank You Video – Videos are so key right now; they help to show the atmosphere in a way that a written note or even a phone call simply can’t. All you need is a good smartphone and some proper lighting, and you are good to go. If you can, start the video by mentioning the donor by name and mentioning something specific about this donor. The donor should ideally notice that you made the video just for them! These videos don’t have to be too long, two to three minutes is sufficient to relay the message. Of course, depending on the size of your non-profit, it’s probably not realistic to create a video for every single donor. In case you have too many donors, you could also create dedicated videos just for your major donors and then create a more generic video for other donors that you could send out in your newsletters.

There are so many ways to show appreciation to your supporters but those that seem to have an impact are those that show just how special this relationship is.

Donors desire to feel seen, valued, appreciated, and acknowledged. Saying thank you to your donors frequently and consistently strengthens your relationship and provides everyone with the drive to continue working together for your common vision.

If you need help with your donor relations and do not have in-house help with this. Feel free to reach out and see if this is something I can help you with!


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